Rating: 8 out of 10.

This movie is one of my favourites. The creators were fortunate enough to combine a good storyline with an excellent cast. The story line is mysterious and creative, if a tad predictable in places. With a script and story that is only good, not great, it is necessary to find other elements to make a great movie. Effects, props, and settings were not spectacular, especially given today's standards, though they did assist in moving the story along. For me, what made the movie great was the superb acting by everyone involved. None of it felt forced or contrived. The dialogue fit the characters and their actions throughout the film. Having such strong leads as Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie only served to make the movie more believable, which is what you want when making a movie that is more reality based, with a real mystery and a real killer, being sought by real police professionals. 

Additionally, the music was well chosen and placed throughout the film. It served to heighten emotions and increase tension throughout, leading to a much more intense conclusion. I am never satisfied when the music does not appropriately match the actions, dialogue, and story line of a movie or tv show.

Finally, there is a more subtle element to the movie. That of relationships and self-awareness. The developing relationship between the lead characters shows a genuine connection and developing friendship between two characters who find that they truely understand one another. There is also a hint of something more, the potential for romance, even when faced with obvious physical obstacles. Then there is the development of self-awareness and how the physical limitations affect the life view of a character.  The movie begins with a character ready to leave behind a life fraught with difficulties with health and then, without ruining the climax, ends with a character who can only fight for every moment of life left to him.

All of these elements, story, script, settings, characters, actors, and underlying relationships, served to come together in a great way, creating a movie that I have watched many times over the years, and never get tired of watching. I urge anyone with a love of mystery and good acting to pick it up and watch.  

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